"Vanessa’s strength is that she works with you and gets the image you want and more. " Michelin star celebrity Chef and Author - Theo Randall

"Ness is a fantastic photographer to work with. She really brings food to life." Food writer and Author - Fiona Beckett

"A photographic shoot with Vanessa is always professional yet fun. Her creativity shines through all her work." President of The Guild of Food Writers - Jane Suthering

"Working with Vanessa is an absolute joy and her pictures convey her personality totally - real, insightful, beautiful and humorous. She manages to capture the essence of food bringing to life every bubble, splatter, hiss and crackle making you want to lick the page - a true foodies photographer." Food writer and Author of Pie - Angela Boggiano

"I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of working with Vanessa Courtier on my book ‘Tonia’s Greek Kitchen’. Her talents are astounding, she is way beyond a photographer, her eye for details is nothing short of genius She is a wonderful person to work with, and I hope I have the privilege to do so again." Television presenter and Author Tonia Buxton

"Vanessa is such a lovely person to work with. As an ex-designer she really understands how to interpret what an art director is after. I thought her photography for ‘Recipes for Everyday’ by Jane Cumberbatch reflected how well she understood her clients vision." Deputy Head of Design at Anova Books - Georgina Hewitt

"Vanessa’s brilliant talents for photography and design made my latest book ' Pure Style Recipes for Everyday', the one I am most proud of." Author and Stylist - Jane Cumberbatch

My love of food and all things edible together with my passion for typography and design led me into the world of cookbooks. I've worked with many authors, chefs and food writers over the years - Shaun Hill, Monty and Sarah Don, Mark Hix, Jill Norman, Theo Randall, Angela Boggiano, Mary Contini, Jane Cumberbatch - as designer, stylist, food photographer or in all three capacities.
    In my photographs, my aim is to make you smell the warm freshly baked bread, taste the sweet tomatoes of the pizza and feel the heat of the sun in the Sicillian olive grove! Natural light is my greatest assistant plus the odd bit of card when a little reflective coaxing is needed.
My years as both a designer and food photographer have given me a deep and rounded understanding of how best to combine these two disciplines.
    I'm based in north London but travel wherever the job may take me.

vanessa@vanessacourtier.com +44 (0)7990 574 068